As I was growing up, I didn't understand why women didn't receive the same rate of pay. As an adult I see that they set themselves up to NOT receive Equal pay. The desk jobs I've had, I find they goof off, waste time, produce POOR quality work, They are out more than men, they come in late a lot, Work like a sloth. As a sup or manager they abuse that to dump work on others because they stand around talking or on the phone! When they leave for maternity their work gets dumped on others; I already had 200 cases to do! When they return, they're out more than a man or single person. They complain a lot in the workplace. When an opportunity arises they like to congregate into talking groups instead of getting work done! I got stuck having to RE-DO their work; the work was so poorly done, the sup had the girl help me; the sup asked me, do you want to do the work or do you want to do the letter? I chose to do the work, because I wanted it done CORRECTLY. The birdbrain sloth asked me--Why am I helping you? I would liked to have told her the truth, but since she was such a birdbrain I just said--I don't know.