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On New Year's Day in Germany just seeing a CHIMNEY SWEEP, "SCHORNSTEINFEGER", in his age old working outfit begins the year in the most promising way possible.

And of course if you are lucky enough to have your nose smudged with soot by a "real life" Schornsteinfeger on January 1, well that is your Good Luck for the year guaranteed. laugh

A "Good Luck Charm" that lasts the entire year, but why are they are lucky? Their story and history...

Francine A. McKenna - German Culture Editor

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Avatar: HOHENZOLLERNBRÃœCKE Cologne with CATHEDRAL and LUDWIG MUSEUM. The Bridge a symbol of how Germany was rebuilt after WWII, it was left in ruins, the Cathedral with roots in the 13th century represents the country's history, Museum of Modern Art the present day.