So I just came from the themes (ironically last night while finishing my night routine i remembered where the windows backgrounds are so if i would of yesterday that would of never happened) and all are worst than what I am stuck with so I will live with it.

I was thinking since a few years ago to give myself a computer vacation then weeks or months ago I figured it would be the perfect time to change my computer and this morning I thought that when I will move would be the perfect time. I know where to get it checked out (electricity went off when i was here starting to write my last morning post and when it restarted it was just a black screen with the mouse's arrow - called another place first that is just for companies and he told me where to call and i got him and just when he was explaining what to bring it came back) so I may just do that before moving or follow my first idea. I am just hoping it does not die on me before I am ready to either have it checked out or to change it whether or not I give myself at least a day without a computer and internet!