It is fairly sad that in our modern times people STILL judge each other on something as completely meaningless as skin color. We don't judge each other (I hope) on hair color or eye color. Skin color is just one more color variation our bodies have. There is zero reason for someone with darker skin or lighter skin or yellower skin or pinker skin to be thought of as "not part of my group". We are all humans on this one planet and we're all in it together.

It's even more odd to me when the person in question is they themselves an immigrant to a location. I.e. anyone in the US or Canada who is not a member of a Native American tribe came from somewhere else. They are an outsider whose family moved in. Why are those people often the most hostile to the next generation of immigrants? "It was OK for me to come here but not for you?"

Back to the skin color issue, a female black representative in Oregon was going door-to-door talking with her constituents. This is something EVERY rep should be doing on a regular basis. She should have been known to her constituents and praised for her efforts. Instead, someone saw her doing this and CALLED THE POLICE on her. She was dressed professionally, was doing her job, and they should have known who she was!

This happens all the time to people with dark skin. It rarely if ever happens to people with white skin. And it's all about skin color.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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