Yesterday I went to bed at 2:47 and got up at 11:52. I found a note from mom on my keyboard, started the anti-virus, checked Windows for updates (3 + restart), gave my satellite bill part, changed three notes, changed one note and deleted one link, changed six notes and started the Defender, calculated three things, checked one thing, changed one note and deleted one link and did one search, took aspirins, calculated one thing and checked fifteen things, changed the place of two links and changed two notes and added one link, checked two things and calculated three things and changed one note, changed one note, checked one thing and deleted two links, did one search, did one search, started the anti-malwares, watched one of my favorite movie at 21:35, calculated two things and checked fifteen things and wrote two notes, checked one thing, tried to figure a few things, changed six notes and added five links and checked nine things and calculated four things and deleted one link, deleted one picture. It was a bad night and a very bad day.