i once frequented a place for infrared saunas and she left cucumber water near by but added a bit of black pepper (for absorption?)

I will make a batch. Doing all kinds of crazy things: fucoidan, white kidney bean caps, ice bags around waist, exercise (lol), cell salts for weight loss, blue color during daytime and I am also bubbling pure organic grapefruit essential oil in my diffuser.

Not mention upping raw veggies, salads, and only a bit of dairy in bulletproof coffee in am.

I tend to make all of my own juices, other than the bragg apple cider ginger drink. I am very cautious as to the gmo in prepared drinks when they add maltodextrin, vit c, etc. unless it is organic - it is genetically modified. or even some have bizarre sweeteners. I like my organic whole leaf stevia. or raw honey. I would never touch those others. just me. :)

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