I used to always either end up buying a larger bracelet – that kept dangling from my arm or a smaller bracelet –that wouldn’t fit at all. All of this led me to do some of my own research and I found out the error in my judgment –it’s all in the wrist size folks!

Buying the incorrect bracelet for your wrist size may mean that you can’t wear them – either because they are too small for your wrist or because they are so big that they’ll fall off when you wear them. Hence knowing your wrist size is what you have to do very first. https://www.wikihow.com/Measure-Frame-Size

First things first your wrist size will be around 6 inches– which is the usual measurement for most people. Now you will find there are many bracelets from 8 inches to 12 inches. You may think they are too long for you but they are not because when you measured your wrist it was just 6 inches but you need to tie that knot to it. So take another half inches to it.

Hence the interior diameter of your bracelet will be 6 and-a-half inches. So if you go to the store and buy an 8-inch bracelet because your wrist is 8 inches in diameter then you will be getting a slightly smaller bracelet.

You need to buy a bracelet that will be bigger all the time. This also happens when your bracelet has bigger beads. The larger the beads are in size, the more space they would take up and you would end up needing a larger bracelet. https://www.leohamel.com/blog/index.php/2017/10/opal-october-birthstone/

You can create your own bracelet size checker. Simply roll a piece of paper in a conical shape – from 1’’ to 10’’ in size. Mark the paper and check your bracelets on that marker. Or you can simply buy one size bigger than your wrist size.

Hope that helps! laugh