Dear Tea Readers and goal achievers,

Last time we talked around Thanksgiving, the topic was to create just a list of three things each day and let them be the goal before the holiday to try to stave off burn out.
and here we are another holiday on its way! Christmas is nearly here.

My Agenda for week's end:

list and purchase things needed for the baking, and plan the menus for the dinner and the brunch.

buy wrapping paper and wrap the gifts that I have.

and third

start the deep cleaning.

Just the three things. Not overburdening.

I will achieve this by taking small breaks and breathing slowly and quietly, living mindfully in that moment. (meditate if you can)

How are your holiday plans coming along?
Don't fret, just take a're a goal achiever!

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
Tea Forum