Yesterday I went to bed at 5:33 and got up at 13:37. I changed one note and added one link, deleted one picture, changed one note, went out with Elmo (yes hes still the fave) to see mom who was working in the yard then got my cushion cover (turns out this was outside but not the blanket) and then got it and Elmo inside then went on the beach, changed five notes, changed nine notes, changed three notes, did one search and added one picture, deleted one link, deleted one link and added one link, added four links, changed two notes, checked the houses (all 3 still available), deleted four links and changed one note and added one link, changed two notes and restarted the computer (1 internet page froze), deleted one link, deleted two links, watched a new movie at 22:00, deleted two links, added three links, checked two things and did three searches and added one link, erased eight notes, deleted one link, changed one note and calculated one thing, deleted one link, put the backup cream for a thirty-first time. It was a bad night and a bad day.