Yesterday I went to bed at 1:36 and got up at 8:30. I calculated one thing, changed one note, deleted one picture, ran errands with my parents in Mont-Joli (Caisse Desjardins [mom stayed in the car] + Ma Cabane En Gaspesie [mom and i stayed in the car] + BMR + Decoration Beaulieau + Hart [dad started at SAAQ then got an haircut and told us he was finished and would wait outside the store] + Dollarama [he got something in the car then came in the store] + Metro), changed one note, did one search and added one picture, changed nine notes, calculated one thing, changed one note and added two links, checked how to contact Amazon Canada but did not then wrote two product reviews, did one search, changed two notes, did one search, changed one note, watched the Dallas Stars at 21:00, put the backup cream for a nineteenth time. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.