Yesterday I went to bed at 3:24 and got up at 11:42. I changed one note, deleted one picture, restarted my computer because of two Windows updates, did one search and added one picture, went on the beach with Coin Coin and mom but since it was cold and with strong winds she did not like the previous times picked shells and we did not stay a long time so we finished by walking in the yard where it was less cold, made an important phone call, made an online order, calculated one thing, changed three notes, checked the houses (all still available then), calculated one thing, changed the place of one link, did one search and added one link, did one search, deleted one link and added one link, erased one note, wrote two notes, changed the place of three links, changed three notes, changed one note, did one search, changed three notes, added one link, changed one note and added one link, did three searches, watched The Dead Files at 23:00, wrote one note, calculated one thing, got one information, put the backup cream for a tenth time. It was a one time get up night and an horrible day.