Yesterday I went to bed at 21:41 and got up at 7:50. I changed one note, deleted one picture, wrote one note, downloaded three Windows updates that needed a restart (all longer than usual especially the restart), changed one note, again had to change my city on my Change Canada profile after signing, changed the place of one link, changed five notes, changed one note, replied to a Change Canada email, got another Change Canada email that I did not reply to, checked the houses (all still available), changed one note, ran errands in Rimouski with dad (the biggest Jean Coutu [he stayed in the car] + 13:30 waxing appointment [he stayed in the parking lot]), changed three notes, changed one note and added two links, went on the beach, changed one note, changed one note, did one search and added one picture. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.