I remember one dream.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were getting divorced and for some reason one of their therapy session before they really did it was like a show in their house and I was part of it, it was supposed to be like a discussion or something like that but I was supposed to arrive there singing from not too far outside. So I started to sing a Madonna song called Love Profusion and I had a microphone with me and walking while singing live. It was very hot outside so I was getting water sometimes in between words. The most weird part was I was singing, the song did not stop but it was like I was starting again in a new place sometimes and like in one part nobody could see the camera so they though I was crazy or something. When I was about to finish I ended up in a small paved street in like a forest and I saw Bees everywhere, I think I went to the end then came back where I started and this is when I started to freak out about the Bees because there were some on the asphalt too then, babies then bigger then adults plus a lot were flying. Also Daisy a stuffed Frog I gave mom a few years ago was in my right hand and the microphone on the left and I saw a small or baby Bee on Daisy's head and this is where I lost control, I put her head on the street and moved it on the asphalt to get the Bee off then moved like I was insane trying to get away from the Bees, I think I was trying to sing still and maybe people thought it was part of the song, when I arrived there people were there working and at least one by the end was watching me.