Dear Tea Readers,

Bits of Info.on tea. The latest issue of People Magazine Food (July 24, 2017) has Kourtney Kardashian endorsing green tea! While this is a great food/beverage choice and great to include in your lifestyle, it isn't a miracle drink. Kourtney claims it keeps her belly flatter and chases away the cellulite.
Although science does know that green tea does "spike" the metabolism, one would have to consistently drink quite a bit (about 7 (8 oz) cups per day) to burn calories. And honestly, that much tea is a lot of tea!

Tea does contain astringent abilities which are also why it is found in lots of makeup these days! But in the long term, the testing is still out on these types of claims.

I'm so glad that Kourtney loves green tea, it is healthful, and a beneficial drink to include in your diet.

She added in the article that she drinks a cup of green tea at early noon & late afternoon. She sometimes adds honey and a splash of almond milk. When she works out, she ices down a green tea! That's fabulous.

I'm just crossing my fingers, that this is not the next genre of an area for the Kardashian clan. I'd love it if tea just stayed tea and not become a Kardashian product line.
*the opinions expressed above were mine alone. My disclaimer.

Enjoy your tea and enjoy your day!

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
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