I am right now with Canada 11 which uses that company for their email part of their website. I have used many other websites who uses that company. I love it despite their flaws which are not awful except the last but that one started about three or four years ago and I am not sure if it's because of them or not (its slow sometimes [almost always when you first log in] and often you have to try several times to delete an email BUT the worst is that some of these websites will suspend you and wont give you any explanation and like i said i do not know if its the website or everyone or both doing that [that has happened to be at least 3 times]).

So a few weeks ago I realised that they have stopped giving free services and I just got back from my inbox and was warned that on February 23 to March 23 I will still be able to use them with a different version then it will be over unless I start to pay which I will certainly not do (i will NEVER pay for email and scans and things like that).

I am angry but at least it took a while before they warned their customers and they are giving us some time.

ZZN did that years ago but I was not with them when they decided to get rid of their free services so I do not know what they did to their customers; now you cannot get their services even when paying so that could happen to Everyone, if you ask me they deserve it for doing that (must suck too for the companies and people who went with them to include an email account with their website).