Word families are those small words at the end of a word. By adding different letters to the beginnings of the words, a reader can make a whole new word. Word families start with a vowel and are followed by one or more consonants. They are an important part of early reading instruction. By using word families, emerging readers can quickly add many words to their sight word lists.

One word family is and. By adding the letter "b" to "and," I can make the word band. When I drop the "b," then add "l" to "and," the "and" the word is land. What if I put a "b" in front of "land?" It's the word bland! You get the picture.

Some of the common word families, in addition to and, are un,an,old,and ale. How many word families can you name?

Challenge yourself:
Give yourself 25 points for the word family.
Then, take 5 points for the first 5 words that you make in the family.
Count 10 points for each word after 5. Can you reach 100 points?
100 points=Word Master
150+ points=Word Wizard

Start working your magic!
Here's an example--and my first word family: ake (25)
bake, cake, fake, jake, lake (25)
make, rake, sake, take, wake, brake, flake, slake, stake, snake, awake (110)
25 +25+110 =160 1st degree Word Wizard-Add a degree every time you get to wizard.

Do you know any that I forgot? Can you take the challenge?

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