My news year's resolution will be to walk. I'm not one to sign up and go to the gym; I just don't want to have to drive some somewhere to work out. Over the years I have walked but for some reason, last year I found lots to do and talked myself out of walking. I just didn't make the time. But, I am out of shape so I need to resolve to get out and do some walking no matter what the weather is or what excuses I can dream up not to walk.

I purchased a pedometer. It's pretty cool and probably more than I will ever figure out how to use but at least it counts my steps. It is not a fit-bit. Our weather here in Central Virginia fluctuates from the 20s one day to 60 the next. So, as we said in Girl Scouts years ago, dress like an onion. It will be easy to bundle up and go outside and walk and peel away a layer of clothes and tie the jacket around my waist as I walk if I get too warm.

One nice thing about walking in the neighborhood, I have the opportunity to see my neighbors. On the return trip, I can stop at a friend's house and visit if they are outside or knock on the door and say hello. If I am not comfortable making an unplanned stop, I can call and arrange a visit before my walk. What a wonderful opportunity to visit an older neighbor who doesn't get out much anymore.

Well, I have talked myself into walking. I’ll check my shoes and walking attire for the weather and get myself moving.

This is one resolution I need to keep.