The city of Seville is on the right hand side of this satellite view of the Province of Seville. The Guadalquivir river flows through it – you can see the original course of the river and to the left where it runs now. Its fertile valley with agricultural structures is prominent in the upper right.

The white feature in the upper-central part of the image is an open-pit copper mine. To the west of it are two other open-pit mines – they're filled with water. This is not what you'd call an environmental asset, but look to the south at two circular structures a bit similar to clamshells. They're large solar power plants. Mirrored panels are positioned to face a solar power tower -sitting at the southernmost tip of the structures seen here - which receives the focused sunlight and acts as a furnace to produce energy.

Credit: ESA, Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite on 26 July 2016.

Mona Evans
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