Dear Tea readers and goal achievers!

Just when I thought I was reaching the goals I had around the Thanksgiving guessed it, another holiday!

Sometimes I think that during the holidays, we set our goal bar way too high~ since if you're like me, you want it all.

Not only do you want to achieve the mundane projects, there's cards to write/make/address, gifts to buy, pick up/wrap, there's a food list outside the list for regular eating! Because we have to make cookies don't we and entertain! Holy Moly!

Let's take a breather....

My today's goals are starting with a simpler day

Instead of looking at it by cramming as much as I can into one day, perhaps letting a few things go on the wayside.....days later that same thing I didn't get done....... still didn't get done.

So instead, I will put three goals on a list, achieve those and everything over those three is an accomplishment!

Have a great holidays...take a breather...rethink and hopefully you'll feel like you actually got something other than spinning wheels done today!

Leave your thoughts and ideas here for more tips and organization and holiday rush ideas!

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
Tea Forum