Hi ive been diagnosed as a male with Asperger's had Autism said from when was young but not much was done about it!
But now 55 got confirmed last year yes it has it's issues but also some great points to it and ive survived on my own so long it does causes issues with relationships mostly because not aware of it!
There are so many sides to it though as one with me having Raynauds i don't feel the cold unless a chill/draught then frozen so causes many issues with the Raynauds plus having Fibromyalgia add's to that as tired so often get quite agitated that can't do things plus you can become very destructive within/to yourself as depression is one area have to watch one reason im classed as a vulnerable adult which i can see the reason why as can turn in on yourself so become withdrawn etc
you can push people away/keep at arms length but if people understand/know more they can come to understand how/why/what/which etc it effects us
Quite often you just want someone to be there for/with you but don't know how to ask or say in a way that you understand.
so yes it is complex but with right methods can be easier.

Hope that helps