I remember one dream.

I went out with Elmo, the plan was to take one of the four musketeers and even the frog I had bought mom but when out with Elmo I was very comfortable but I knew that the others I would be less, especially Gagou and I felt bad for it. The next ones were Ti-Pit then Coin Coin then Daisy and finally Gagou and I finally decided to let it go and not caring what people thought. I was driving one time (that dream was so weird and all over the place plus i do not remember all) and something had happened, it was something everyone had to do by one date and that something had to be done in a bank. At one part of a street we had to stop somewhere before driving on and dad told me to do that, he told me it had to do with that bank thing and I said that I did not know (someone else was in the car with us and it was a man) and dad then showed me a sign. Two other cars were stopped there and we just figured out that we would walk. That place looked like a mix of Saint-Hubert and other places. There were two streets and we were both supposed (the man did not walked with us) to the same bank but I ended up taking the right street and he took the left, after a few seconds I figured that we would end up finding each others. On both streets there were a bank and the one on the street I took there were so many people that the line was on the street too. I thought that I had time but then I thought that I was there so I should just do it. The last thing I remember is leaving that line.