I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with my or a computer, a problem or something with the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

A young boy (looked like Macaulay Culkin) ran away from home (i remember the parents freaking out searching their sons room). He found a listing for a room to rent in an old's man house and he wrote a check of more than 800$ and went to his house, he told him his mom was working too much and (the rest of his story i do not recall) the old man wanted to believe him but he said that he needed to see his mom and the boy said of course. He disguised his voice and called him passing himself as his mom and it worked. One night a group of men that were criminals entered in the house and the boy was able to run and hid in a small room (by that time the house looked like the Saint-Hubert house), the old man started to laugh and told the men that they were screwed now, that that small room that looked cheap was actually a safe room that nothing not even fire could destroy. A man tried from outside to break the window and it did not break, they tried from inside to break the door and it did not work. The old man actually lied about the room but still it was holding. At one point the door that went inside unlocked but the boy saw it first and was able to lock it back and he looked at the closest man from the window of that door and made believe he had done that.

All I remember is that it either had to do with at least one Dog or at least one Dog was in it.

The two kids from My Girl were out and they ended up in what seemed to be a factory in the middle of nowhere but they arrived there when a crime was being committed. I remember them running and hiding but that is it, before that they were having fun.