I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that an old woman was complaining about the pillow she had, she was saying it was like she had none because it was flat.

I was in a bikini near a pool where only a few people had the right to be. I started by laying down to get some sun on both sides then I went swimming. The few people who were there often looked at me but I was acting like it was not happening. I wanted to relax and this is what I was doing.

Dwayne Johnson went shopping but for some reason either when he went in the store or while he was there his pants ripped so he was trying to hide it the best he could then took some jeans and went in the dressing rooms and put it on. It fit him perfectly but he did not think so so he was walking trying to hide behind something he picked up but when people saw him they all think he was very sexy because these jeans were tigh and he of course is a beautiful man with a beautiful body. Slowly when he realised that then he stopped hiding and after looking around he went to where people paid and said that he had ordered three things and someone looked it up and went and get it for him, it was two identical bathrobes and a pajama long tank dress that was like the robes, one robe was for him and the other two was for his wife. When he looked though he saw the sizes were not like he ordered, it was sizes from another country so he asked about it and some people working there looked it up but he went on one of their computer and he found it. He was then told that this is what sometime happened with clothes ordered from other countries and he told them sure but the costumers had to be sure it was the correct sizes otherwise if not and found at home they would have to come back and get a refund.

I was shopping in a huge mall but the more I was walking the more stores were empty. I went at the end of a long corridor and there only a few stores were there and all with empty stores between them. Not many people would walk to there. I ended up in one and it was a huge beautiful pet store. An old woman was the owner (she looked like a neighbor we had in Saint-Hubert and that woman is also a friend of mom) and she was the only worker there too. We ended up talking and she told me she was screwed by the owners of the shopping mall. She was not told that most stores were not rented. She was stuck there having to pay 5000$ per months plus the money to where she was getting her merchandise and animals, when she was lucky she would get some customers and some would buy one or a few things (she gave me an example of that month or the last month where 2 older person had bought 1 thing each). She also said that most of the people coming in were old so not the best people to buy a lot. I looked and saw a huge aquarium and decided to get it with many decorations. Then when I was looking at which Fishes to get I saw a marine animal that was weird, it was long and flat, I asked about it and when she told me I decided to get him/her but with a smaller aquarium just for him/her so I picked the aquarium and the decorations.