Dear Tea Readers,

The brand Snapple has a couple of new teas~ (can be found in the tea aisles) They are called Straight Up Tea, each of the bottles are 18.5 ounces. And black tea is used except in the case of Red Bush & green tea in the Rooibus and Honey Green respectively.

These bottled teas claim no artificial anything! All natural ingredients. 3 levels of sweetness.

Sweet Tea at 180 calories & a whopping 44 g of sugar! (but it does get better)

Honey Green Tea at 90 calories & 21 g of sugar
S. African Rooibus 90 calories & 22 g of sugar
Sorta sweet at 90 calories & 21 g of sugar
Unsweetened at 0 calories & 0 g of sugar (the best choice)

At least we can see that some manufacturers are sort of listening~ better products for people.

*I have no affiliation with this brand. This post is for tea information only.

Watch your bottled teas for the sugar content.

**Also this brand has a current buy one get one free coupon in the weekend newspapers.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
Tea Forum