As I view all of the issues that make us happier as we get older. Many of us didn't have the role models in our parents and grandparents. They would talk about "if you have good health you have everything" but would smoke, drink, not exercise, not eat well, etc. etc. Of course they didn't have the knowledge we now have, and didn't really understand the full picture of what quality of life was all about. Many didn't have the funds or the education or leisure time to ponder what would make them happy and healthy.

Our generation has had the opportunity to study aging and put into place the results of these studies that lead us to a happier, healthier lifestyle. But alas so many of us don't heed the information and ignore the obvious. I'm interested in your opinions as to why this is so. It is painful to see our friends or loved ones with the means to improve their lives on many levels and are stuck in an unproductive, unhealthy pattern. Is there a solution?