It is amazing how many kinds of issues lead to an improved quality of life. Sometimes we forget about improved oral health, hair and skin care, stress issues, feeling safe in our homes, removing clutter, feeling good about ourselves by volunteering and helping others, eating foods we love that are good for us, laughing until we hurt, listening to the birds, and planting flowers.

Quality of life is so important as we age and many of the things we can do to improve it are easy and inexpensive but require action. Buying a flower pot at a thrift store and planting our favorite flower(s) in it for the balcony or planting them in our yard and watching them grow is a real treat.

Getting a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and just sitting for awhile listening to the birds sing bring more joyful moments and put us back in touch with nature.

Spending a few hours "lightening up" our favorite room in the house by getting rid of junk and clutter can be a delight once we are finished.

Treating ourselves to a home facial and a total skin moisturizing application using a nice body lotion is also a great treat. Our skin will dry and sometimes itch as we get older and regular moisturizing feels great.

Doing one or two good things for others each week also brings a great deal of satisfaction, whether through volunteering or helping a neighbor, or visiting someone in the hospital or nursing home. These are terrific ways to feel great and make others feel special as well.