Hi there, I just went to a weight clinic to see what I can do about losing some weight. I have tried dieting of course, exercise (not often enough), and now I'm getting frustrated because my calorie/fat intake isn't much but I can't get results. The doc said my diet was fine for some but not for me and I am now trying a totally different approach.

Our weight is so important to good health, and that is the key to longevity as we age. As difficult as it is to pass up our comfort foods at this point, we've got to tackle staying healthy, and excess weight is one of those issues that can effect so many other health and disease factors. I will keep you posted on how well I do with my new eating and exercise regimen based on a physician's feedback. And best of all, the visit was paid for by medicare.

I think we should all be serious about our health as we age since it affects all aspects of our quality of life!