For not injuring myself seriously when I fell outside after coming back from errands.

There's a big patch of ice at the base of the steps, it started snowing when we were out. When I was young I came up with a way of walking when there's ice under snow and until today it never failed. Both of my feet went in the air, my toque flew off my hair and I ended up on my behind. I had bags in both my hands and I think this is what stopped me from breaking my fall with my hands. I did not hit my head and back thankfully but I heard a big crack sound on my left side from my shoulder to the head not stopping at the neck. Nothing hurt when it happened and after but now my left shoulder is starting to hurt. I can also sometimes feel where it made a sound on my head and until less than five minutes ago it did not hurt. It hurts too a little on my neck. It is not awful pain. The worst is in my shoulder which I will gladly take over the other parts that could of been hurt.

This actually scared my mom and she even showed genuine concern, the last time she did that was many years ago and no she did not even do that during and after the fire. Dad was sitting in the car with a perfect view and he did not react at all but if I would have to bet I would say that he either insulted me or/and laughed at me.