There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in this "Money" segment of the site. Maybe everybody has so much of the stuff they can't be bothered talking about it!

I live in one of the "offshore" tax havens for the past 37 years, and for a few years in each of two others. So my "Barlow's Cayman" personal blog naturally includes a few posts on the topic. Last week I included a link to one of my older posts in a comment I submitted to Zero Hedge - an all-purpose forum mostly dealing with financial matters - in response to someone else's comment disrespecting offshore tax havens. My blog-post explained (very briefly) what it is that such tax havens do. To my amazement, the link prompted over a thousand ZH readers to click on the link - way, way more than my usual number of daily hits. So it occurred to me that it might interest some BellaOnline members too.

(BO rules don't allow me to give the link here, and I have no idea what a UBB code is! But if you Google "offshore tax havens - what they do", inside quotation marks, you will be led straight to the link. Alternatively, you can click on the link to my blog - below - and find that title in the Archives of January 2013.)

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