On top of my personal belongings and items I inherited from an aunt and my dad, I had a hobby which was maintaining a booth in an antique shop. I kept these items in the store for about 5 years and then decided not to continue to make the effort when I retired and moved. Well, now my basement is loaded with all of these boxes from the booth with so many nice vintage things. They have been sitting down there for the past 4 years.

I want you to know that I started sorting a few weeks ago, held a fundraiser for one of my volunteer clubs using some of the items, donated about 10 boxes to date to a local thrift store, and have stored about another 10 boxes to take to a local auction after the holidays.

I am only halfway through the "stuff" in my basement, but I must say that once committed I remain on a roll. I am including my Christmas collection of "stuff" and intend to sort that out as I unpack it and see what I can donate to lighten that up as well. Now's the time of year when those with less can really use our unwanted and unused items, so I'm making a special effort to "let it go" "let it go"....!! Wish me luck with the other half!!