I saw a Lynx in my yard (we are living on a small street with a few other houses [most are summer houses] and on the other side its an highway so we are not completely in nature). The Rabbits were in the next town that is called Métis-Sur-Mer (about 10-15 minutes walk and you are there) and there too there are houses. My parents saw a Seal this Summer on the beach in front of our house but I did not. The Squirrels that lives near houses are small but one of the time when I went at the cemetery of the other town I saw a bigger one, that cemetery is close to the houses but in a forest near the beach.

The last time I drove was a few years ago. I am way too stressed and it was to the point that it was dangerous. I'm about ready to start again. Driving is fun and it also gives freedom plus where I live there are no public transportation and it would also help me get away from my parents. I am a good driver when I am not stressed.

I love the colors of Fall plus it means Summer is over and Winter is coming and of course Spring is cool too. Each seasons have their different magic but since I hate hot weather I dislike Summers but here (Ste-Florence too) we rarely get very hot weather so I hate this season less now. This house has two stories and the basement is so cool that a few times this Summer I had to open the heat because it was too cold but upstairs has big windows and it gets very hot (even with the curtains closed).