I'm involved in this passing forward process, too ...

About half a year ago I sorted out everything I've inherited from family and divided it into 5 portions for my 5 children. Then sent it to them.

Next, DH scanned the old black and white photos and slides from the 50s and we put them online and sent copies to the kids.

Then I made a picture page for each child on the internet of them growing up and their ancestors.

The few valuable things I have left in the house have the name of the person I want them to go to underneath.

Coming back to the present day, I sorted out 15,000 pages of my writings stacked on bookcases and saved 5,000 pages in 50 folders which I will leave to one child to keep like a little library of my work.

I have put all my writings into books, too. Then in the future they or others can get copies.

OK - that brings me up to the present with much relief that my work and possessions have been dealt with to my satisfaction.