I am so pleased that all of you can relate to the article and found it helpful. Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I wrote it as much for me as for others that I know struggle with this issue.

In fact, I have a few friends that have given up tackling their "stuff" which I think is a big mistake, because as Alice and others have noted, it just means their children will have to deal with it. What is unfortunate is that some of the things that could be given to friends and family now that would make wonderful gifts have the potential to end up with strangers -- the person sorting after we are gone probably won't know about the history of the items or who may find them useful or desirable.

I have made a list for my lawyer who is preparing my new will and I have listed artwork, jewelry and furniture items with people assigned so that I am sure the person I want to have the item receives it. Of course these are things I am sure I am keeping. I have so many things that just have to go one way or the other.