“Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

I know it can be easy to place blame on others for our difficulties, and point fingers. But that keeps us seriously stuck!! Who wants to be stuck?? Well, I guess some people do, because it means they don't have to take responsibility LOL!! But OMG that is just so painful.

This has really been a powerful lesson I've been learning as of late, with an aunt who has alzheimer's type dementia. She can be very angry, and lash out. I used to argue with her, trying to get her to see reason - and that just made things worse. Now I just tell her I'm sorry if she's having a hard time (which usually helps her to feel heard, and start relaxing), and it feels so much better not to have to have conflict with her.

It's always our choice - it's up to us - we choose!

Deanna Joseph

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