Starting today ... I'm (loosely) trying out Dr. Oz's new 10-day detox diet. I say loosely because I will not give up coffee or the milk I put in my coffee.

I first read about it in a magazine recently, but you can get an idea of the diet on Dr. Oz's website.

I mentioned somewhere else on the BellaOnline forum that I had gained a bunch of weight over the summer (yes, I took the lazy-dayz of summer to a new level) - 12 pounds to be exact. smirk

So why did I choose THIS diet?
Because it closely resembles what I already do (or used to do before I got lazy).

What changes do I need to make?
  • Add more probiotics per day, more consistently each day.
  • Breakfast Smoothie/Protein Shake

So let's see how this turns out.

AJ Alexander (aka: Bubbles)
Weight Loss Editor