I recommend writing a blog. I do that myself, as you can see - a sort of occasional journal of my thoughts and reminiscences. Not everybody's cup of tea, especially since I post no photos. (I've never been into photographs.) But there are some wonderful bloggers "out there" who are truly inspiring.

My two best favourites can be found by Googling "don't forget your saucepans" and "Miss Footloose". The former is by an English woman living in the Dominican Republic, married to a Dominican man and living out in the sticks; the other is by a Dutch woman married to a Dutchman and with a great deal of travel under her belt. But actually, it doesn't matter who they are or where they live or even (Miss Footloose) not writing any more. Their blog-posts are charming and entertaining. We may not be able to bring as much pleasure to our readers as they do, but they inspire us to to our best!