I agree with you on the Netflix get excited about looking something up on there and they don't have what you want! I told my husband, we are paying 8 bucks a month to watch stuff we've watched already...but we still keep it - so I'll shut up about that! Love, love FGuy, spesh Brian!

Now to the Binge thing! I binge watch all of the time, so does my husband, Joe. Starting 6 weeks ago it was Chopped, then we kinda switched to Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and NCIS (our fave shows.) Then, in between those we go to Forensic Files and Seinfeld - because one of those is on the TV if the other is not! lol..but that's what we get when WE are awake - it isn't like we just watch those shows at all.

I would love to sit down and watch a B & W movie and curl up on the couch - but Cox cablevision won't let me do that for 100 bucks a month. Waaaahhhhh!