Thanks for this post Gordon!

My husband, especially suffers from insomnia - however, he's a big refrigerator visitor. Despite what I say, he denies any bad eating habits..

Well, we have been through a lot this year. We had a house fire in New York, me and the kids were on life support (no burns, thank the Lord,) and my husband at his wits end through it all. We were all in the hospital for a good 3 months off and on, especially myself. Had a stent put in my throat because of the damage through interbation (trachea stenosis) at one of the hospitals and now have pulmonary embolisms which were all intertwined with this disaster. So now we are in California with our family and have a place to live.

So to cap it all off, I was very active on my daily job working 48 hours per week, running around like a crazy person and loving it, to trying to think of something else to do with my talents (and I have, writing!) smile

So, often I have sleepless nights now. I can understand how my husband feels. I think once I feel secure again, this will subside. I think stressors in your life bring abnormal behaviour. Thoughts?