Oy, yes to the binge watching!! I first binge-watched in the spring of 2013. I was sick, and being in bed would be all I did for a couple of days. I discovered Hemlock Grove on Netflix, and watched it all in those two days.

Later that summer we'd just moved, and I was exhausted!!! That was when Orange is the new Black premiered. Ya, so I binge watched that too.

Over this last year my mom and aunt suddenly both required a super high level of care (they both have a form of dementia) and as I was getting this handled, the stress really overwhelmed me, and I found myself exhausted. I binge watched Blacklist - it took my mind off of things and allowed me to rest.

So yes, I definitely do it, but try to limit it. I LOVE TV, and a couple of times my day has gotten away from me because I got into watching something.

I'm currently watching the new season of Blacklist. I'm not quite binge-watching - like two episodes an evening.

I watched Gilmore Girls over last winter and spring - I LOVE that show!!

Deanna Joseph

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