Aargh. I just heard another story, this one is more about safety than fraud but is along the same theme. This is nothing new but needs to be said as a reminder, since we forget about being aware in public places.

A friend's mom was in a supermarket (she's about 85) and turned away from her carriage to open one of the large freezer doors to pick out some frozen vegetables. She turned around to put them in her carriage and saw that her purse was open and her wallet was gone. She had placed her purse, like many of us do, in the small caged area located where our hands are on the bars to conveniently reach it. We need to remember to loop the strap of our purses around our hands while pushing the carriage. If you need that hand, that is the trigger to remember to put your purse on your shoulder or arm while turning around. This is such a common mistake and because shopping is such an everyday occurrence we take safety in our favorite stores for granted.

Also remember while at your car to put your purse on the seat first, then put the bags in. If you turn around to load with your purse still in the carriage that is the perfect time for a thief to grab it. I left mine in the carriage and actually had a man come up to me and tell me he COULD have taken it and to be more careful. A few of my friends think that if I hadn't turned around and saw him he wouldn't have warned me, but rather just grabbed the purse. (I prefer to think he would have warned me.)