A toaster made my life miserable today.

I woke up about one hour before my parents and while I was toasting my second toast the toaster broke (still working but you have to keep your hand on the thing because it gets back up otherwise). I had an appointment but did not know how long it would take so my parents dropped me off then went to a store, they told me to call when I was done so I did and then the hell started. When I called they had a toaster on sale in their hands but decided to put it back and then come get me instead of buying it, we went to two stores before going back to that store and all that time my dad was whining about the toaster and when we arrived back there the last one was gone and he was angry and said let's check the rest of the shopping mall, at the end of that mall we found a store that had toasters and he was not talking at all so mom asked me to pick on and I did. Of course he was angrier by the minute. After that they went to a vacuum store and for a few minutes I went to check a store next to it, when I went there mom asked me if I would be okay with that vacuum and she pointed one, I looked at it and I started to tell the seller why I hate vacuuming and dad cut me off and said we'll take it. He then made a scene in the car when mom asked him if we would stop at the farmer's market in Sainte-Flavie (about 2 or 3 weeks ago i said it would be nice if there would be a farmer's market and he said there was 1 in Sainte-Flavie every saturdays and we were supposed to go there that next saturday and when there were a few minutes left for me to be ready to go he changed and went working outside then last week nothing about it). Later he made sure he was watching a dubbed movie when it was time for me to make food.