I have been using an online website and have met numerous guys but not Mr. Right. I have enjoyed the process and only had one questionable incident. I had a fellow pick me up at my house on the second meeting. He asked if he could come in to use my bathroom and then stalled when we were supposed to leave the house to go to the movies. It was then that I realized I didn't know him well enough to have him come to my home. I had been with him about 2 hours when I first met him and he seemed very nice.

Nothing negative happened and we left shortly afterward. He probably was curious and wanted to see more of the house, but it was my own anxiety that was the truth teller. I will make sure that I meet someone more than once in a public place before I ever do that again.

We need to feel safe and comfortable when we are meeting new people and not let our desire to "find someone" interfere with our better judgement!