Great authentic read on Chinese food and restaurants in America by someone that knows what they're talking about, there is a book out by Jennifer 8. <--Yes, that is her name on the cover - Jennifer 8. It has to do with luck.
1) - Always ask at the restaurant if they MSG or as it is also called ACCENT. Order what they don't use it in. This is the stuff that makes your face swell up and gives you intense headaches.
2) - Stick with the veggie dishes and offerings that have light sauces and a minimum of frying.
One day after the lunch hour I stopped at the old David Kwan's in Phoenix, AZ. The help was being fed. They had a huge pan of vegetables with little or no sauce and they really dove into it.
They weren't eating all that Americanized mess that we get to look at on the buffet. It was a whole different dish they were eating and they ate it with gusto.

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