Regrettably, I am far too old to do such things. But then I think I probably always *was* too old! I have lived vicariously through my son, who was and is an adventurous fellow. He bungee'd in New Zealand and has paraglided in Mexico and Morocco, and Scuba'd among the fish in the Caribbean where he was brought up. I don't think he ever waterski'd in the Caribbean, but I did it a few times in the Bahamas, when I lived there as a young man. [[[[Space for paragraph]]]] Even today adventure-vacations don't actually take much time or money, if you're prepared to rough it a bit. My son - same one - is flying off to Nepal for a couple of weeks for some paragliding in April - on his own money, which he has in only limited quantity. He lives in Europe (Norway) which makes the fares less than they would be from North America; but still... Rather less than five hundred USD per person, I think. There are a lot of bargains around, in the off-seasons.