I remember three dreams.

For this I only remember the end which was a man who was very rich and one of the things he had looked like a house boat but in fact it was a house on wheels. He entered it, came out the water and started driving it. He was talking about it and showing it off. The interior was small and kind of packed but everything was in it even luxury for him and like he was saying by the end is that in case of a war or something less worst or worst he would be okay and that this thing did not need a lot to keep going and working.

My dad wanted to buy another property with the rest of our insurance money. Me and mom knew he could not and that it meant we would be in debt like we were before someone set our house on fire. He had his eyes on a huge land with many buildings on it. It was a cheap price considering what was for sale but when we got there we knew why which was because everything was falling apart. So that would mean getting into debt paying for it and then more in debt renovating it all or most or some or just one thing.

This dream was short and extremely weird. It started as a satire kind of like something Seth McFarlane would do then it became a short film to explain vaginal infections and how to treat it then it was a documentary about a young woman pregnant that was narrated by James Ver Der Beek and he was explaining how she was sick (i could see her crawling whining to a pile of bodies the stopping there) then ended up just farting but she would try to make the farts silent until she went in the hospital then she let them all out while sometimes screaming or just whining then James or someone else said wow she is going to hate her son because these farts were coming from him and he would fart all the time after being born. I was actually seeing the mom and the son and the mom year after year becoming angrier with her son then I woke up.