Nancy. I am not going to admit whether I knew those things you mentioned, or not. Guess. PARAGRAPH HERE We could make a fun argument (no sarcasm allowed, though!) if we talked about what might be causing some of the alleged warming in the atmosphere. Water-vapour is the most prevalent greenhouse-gas, if my information is correct, and methane is the second-most. The greatest generator of methane on earth is cattle, if it's not the tundra when it's thawing each year. So what mankind perhaps ought to do is to destroy all the cattle. Or eat them, of course. It could be argued - in this fun argument of ours - that [i]vegetarians[/i]*** are the curse of the earth, because they eat the very stuff that the atmosphere needs more of, and they decline to eat the beasts that produce methane. Shame on them! *** even worse than factory-owners PARAGRAPH HERE My son is a veggie, and one of his daughters is too. Even worse, they live in [i]Norway[/i] where it is a national law that all residents must eat at least five kilos of cheese a day. Cheese is a by-product of the methane-producing champions (cows), so vegetarian chees-eaters are [i]twice[/i]-cursed. If you've read my blog (and if you haven't I sincerely invite you to do so) you will know that I was brought up on a sheep-farm, where my Dad raised sheep for consumption by townies. I have never before had the wit to wonder how much methane sheep produce, or what the cumulative effect was of all the methane that Dad's few thousand sheep produced. Maybe Dad was to blame, just as much as the factories. We as a family ate a sheep every ten days, but I don't think that our modest diet would have made much difference to the ozone layer. What do you reckon? PARAGRAPH HERE Last thing, though: I also wonder if sheep and cows (my aunt's husband raised cattle, I'm sorry to say) are more to blame, or less, than the industrial revolution and its fiery furnaces. Are there any statistics on that? PS. I wish I knew how to make paragraphs! Sorry.

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