My dad drove. To go to Rimouski it went well and the few errands before my appointment and to go there went well too. We could see it was getting worst when we went to a store before coming back. Coming back here was pure hell. We could barely see when we were able to see. Luckily we came back safely. We went to two other places in Mont-Joli, I told dad we should be getting back home but he decided to continue anyway. When we entered that city it was like there was no snow storm at all and the short drive to come back home went well. I spend a lot of time on Live Leak and I had flashbacks of many videos when we could not see anything. My dad has been driving for more than fifty years and for more than thirty years he drove a garbage truck, driving is something he is good at and it also has never stressed him but he was scared when we were driving back home so that right there tells how dangerous it was.