I will start coming back here again every day from now on.

My new city is awesome. Right in front of my house is a big body of water (thought it was a sea but apparently it is the Fleuve Saint-Laurent ~ made a translation online and it said that this is a river which is weird since it has another name which is rivière). We had snow before everyone else but it did not stay for long except for a few spots here and there, we have lots of wind here (the first real snow when we opened the door all the snow came into the house ~ we will have to close the porch up or get used to that every time it snows) and this takes away the snow. Last night it started snowing and we have lots this morning, it is very beautiful outside. A few days ago a few spots near the water had ice and yesterday there were a few bigger spots with ice, it should be very beautiful when there will be lots of ice. Sometimes the waves are high. The water can come very fast too. During one of the first days here I was on rocks (the last ones) and after about one or two minutes looking at the never ending water I turned around and the spot I had walked on directly behind me and water, thankfully it was just a small spot so I was able to come back to the beach. It is a small beach but we can walk for hours both ways on it (when theres no water of course ~ normally when the water is high the beach remains there but sometimes that too is below the water) which I have yet to do. If that wind stops the heat from coming during Summer I will be very happy since I hate hot weather. A few days here it got very cold.