When I am on the internet I mostly listen to music from Youtube. I started a while ago listening to every of my CDs one by one (got a cd holder furniture that holds 1000 cds i think if not more so i took the ones i wanted to listen down to the living room and then in it) so the music system finally got to work again (i used it a few times during the first year here which was 2009-2010 then it was back to the net for my music). I often listen to trailers with music I love in it, they seem to love to put nice music in trailers then to never release it in an album, that sucks. Youtube is also cool to find the music you cannot get on a CD.

I love all kinds of music, if I hear something and I like it then I like it, I don't care what kind of music it is!

Right now I am not listening to anything, I have an headache.