Thanks Lisa for the link to the Nut article.

It was very informative and I learned a lot, especially about the cashew nuts and why they're not sold in their shells.

I am forwarding this article to my husband, as he's on this healthy eating kick that has him consuming a variety of nuts, oats, flax seed etc. a couple of times a day. He is prone to junk food and wanted to change. He's lost approx. 10 lb. in the last 6 weeks (he's a BIG guy!) So this info will be great for the storage reasons.

And...I'm going NUTS buying nuts! LOL

By the way, on the salad theme - why are Pine nuts (pignolias) so expensive on the east coast? I remember being able to buy them relatively inexpensive in Cali...but that was 2 years ago since we moved to NY. I love making fresh basil pesto and I hold off and buy it in a jar - which is outrageously priced also.